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ABC/Image Group LAIn the continuing faith-based mini-documentary Mike and Carrie: God & CountryCarrie Underwoodand Mike Fisher discuss their multiple miscarriages after the birth of their son Isaiah

After their five-year-old was born, they immediately wanted more kids. Though they got pregnant quickly, Carrie suffered a cycle of miscarriages. 

“It sounds wrong when you say it,” she confesses, “but it’s one of those bad things that happens to other people… It’s not something that you ever envision yourself having to deal with.”

“I was just kind of wrestling and probably the most honest I’ve been with God ever…” Mike added. “And I… just… sensed that God told me we’re gonna have a son and his name’s Jacob.”

“Not much longer [afterwards], we were pregnant and we lose another baby,” Mike continues.Soon after, a “bawling” Carrie crawled into bed with her sleeping son and had her own heart-to-heart with God.

“I was hurt, I was a little angry…” she reveals. “And I told him… we needed to have a baby — or not ever. Because I couldn’t keep going down that road anymore.”

After, the doctor gave Carrie some unexpected news.

“The nurse called me and I felt like she was surprised,” Carrie reflects. “She told me my… levels were not just where they were supposed to be, but way past — through the roof.”

“And we… had an ultrasound. And it’s like, ‘It’s all okay. Everything’s okay.’ So we were like… ‘This is Jacob."”

Jacob Fisher turned one in January. 

“The story of Jacob,” Mike explains, “he wrestled with God… and he wouldn’t let him go until he got his blessing. And we weren’t demanding that he give us this blessing. We were just being honest with him.”

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