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Corey Clark here from the 107.1 KNID Morning Show!

I can’t stress this enough, stay local! During these tough and unknown times surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, we have to stay local. Remember where you are from! Most of you grew up or raised your kids in the town you currently reside in. Look, I will be honest with you, I have no idea when this coronavirus situation will end. But the one thing we have to remember is to stay local. Remember, we are local too. We care about everyone surviving!

What does staying local mean? 

  • If you have a neighbor, friend, family member or even a stranger in your town who needs help with groceries or whatever that might be, lend a helping a hand. You can always drop groceries off at their doorstep if you do not feel comfortable handing it directly to them.

  • EAT LOCAL. Do not eat at the corporate restaurants during this outbreak. They will survive, the mom & pop shops may not. Carry out if you can’t dine in and remember to tip! Trust me when I say shopping local right now is more important than ever!

  • Think about your grandma, grandpa, mom, dad or whoever you know that can’t get around as well. They need groceries too. You do not need 10 bags of toilet paper, 10 gallons of milk, etc. Think of them when you are shopping!

  • If you know someone who has been quarantined, call them. Have a conversation, because if you think you are worried….imagine what they are feeling. Just have a normal conversation!

  • Still give blood! I talked to people today who are worried people will stop giving. It is important now more than ever to give blood!

  • Go on Facebook and leave a review for all your favorite LOCAL businesses. This will help if one or two of your friends decide to try that local spot for dinner. Even if it doesn’t help them financially, it will help when your friends see it and they decide to try it once this COVID-19 outbreak slows down. They need our help, you can do your part!


If you have any other ideas on how to stay local in your community, make sure to let us at KNID know on our Facebook page!

We have to all stick together. Do NOT turn on one another and become selfish. We got this.