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The Enid Mayor signed the declaration which means phase one begins on Friday! (That’s today)

Those businesses allowed to reopen include restaurants, personal care service, bowling centers, mini golf, fitness centers, gyms, skating rinks & religious services.

But remember, if you are out and about in public spaces there are ways to go about it safely. Of the essential businesses opening, do not expose yourself to them ALL at once. Maybe visit one at a time, if you NEED to. Like me, I am getting a haircut Friday. Then I will go to a dine-in restaurant Saturday.

Remember, do NOT go anywhere if you are not feeling well or are running a fever. Keep yourself isolated until you begin to feel better or your doctor says it is safe. I’m just a morning radio guy, not a doctor soooo don’t ask me if you are okay to go out or not haha.

Here are some tips when going out and about beginning on May 1st.


  • Sit outdoors if you can: If you can sit outside, do it. Stay 6 feet away from others when going out to eat still. Just because they are open does not mean we need to be all up in other peoples bubble!
  • Wash your hands: Wash them before you go, wash them before you eat, wash them after you eat and use hand sanitizer after you walk back outside.
  • Careful opening doors: Germs are all over door handles. For example, after using the restroom, use the paper towel you used to wash your hands to open that bathroom door.

Fitness Centers & Gyms

  • Wipe machines down before and after use: If you decide to use free weight, cardio pads, machines or anything that requires touching make sure you wipe them down due to other people have used that equipment before you.
  • 6 Feet Apart: Use the machines or equipment that is not right next to one another. Use the 6 feet apart method, EVEN AT THE GYM.
  • Shower Sandals: If you decide to shower in the gym locker rooms, be sure to wear gym sandals. Just to be safe. (You should have been doing this before the COVID-19 pandemic.)
  • Gym Classes can still be done without: Why expose yourself to multiple people in a class if you don’t have to. Many fitness centers are still doing online classes, utilize them while you can.

Hair Stylists & Nail Salons

  • Wait Time: In Enid, you have to make an appointment to get a haircut or when getting your nails done. Do not wait inside. Wait in your car for your scheduled time. No reason to crowd the small salons!
  • It is okay to ask: It may feel uncomfortable to ask, but it is okay to ask your stylist if they washed their hands since their last appointment. Rather be safe than sorry!
  • If you don’t feel comfortable then wait: If you are not okay with someone else touching you when getting your nails done or hair cut then do not go yet. I like your long, goofy hair as it is!

Be safe friends! And enjoy the fresh air!

If you have any more tips make sure you share them in our 107.7 KNID Facebook inbox!