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Corey Clark in the Morning on 107.1 KNID airs every weekday from 6am-10am. And I have decided to bring some fun, entertaining new segments to the show! Just for all of you to enjoy. We are all in an unknown time right now due to COVID-19, and because of that we all need a reason to laugh!

These segments are for you and it gives you a chance to laugh, win some FREE food and learn more about our local businesses here in Enid!

Each segment will happen at 8:20am and this will begin Monday, April 13.

Monday: Secret Celebrity Calls into the Show

This will be more fun than anything and I can’t tell you the secrets behind it because well….it’s a secret!

Tuesday: Two Truths & a Lie

This will be an opportunity for someone to call in and win a prize. I will say three statements about myself every Tuesday and you will call in and guess which of the three are lies!

Wednesday: Local Business Spotlight

A cool segment I wanted to do just so it gives our local businesses in Enid a chance to promote themselves. Remember LOCAL is important during these unknown times.

Thursday: Are you smarter than a 10 year old?

One of my personal favorites, a chance for a listener to go up against one of our sales team members daughter. 3-4 elementary school type questions will be asked and if you can win, you win a prize. But I promise you, she is ONE SMART 10 YEAR OLD!

Friday: Prank Call Friday

A chance for you to laugh your pants off, I will prank call someone at random! This is a perfect way for you to enter the weekend!


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